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raquala ♡ 20 ♡ tasmania ♡ mum ♡ wife ♡ fat

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four and three and two and one

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In celebration of just how much I love chocolate I have decided to do an Easter giveaway of some of my prints and ALSO SOME CHOCOLATE.

What you will win:
• 1 x A4 ‘Bunny’ print (framed as shown)
• 1 x Small ‘Donut go breaking my heart’ print (framed as shown)
• 1 x ‘Pineapple Confetti’ tote bag
• 1 x $50 credit towards a custom illustration of your choosing (done by me)
• 1 x porcelain bunny light 
• and of course some little bits of tasty tasty chocolate.

What you need to do:
• Reblog this post
• most importantly, go and like my Facebook page!!! www.facebook.com/laurafrancisdesign


Winner will be chosen at random! But must have done both these things to be able to win! I will ship to anywhere in the world! Competition ends on Easter Monday! I will be selecting the winner then. WOOOOH YEAAAAH

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netflix is great tlc is the best channel ever i am gonna watch my big fat american gypsy wedding all night.

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For Mother’s Day I have asked Jason to get me white paint and a couple of cans of black spray paint so I can fix up our spare room.

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As a male I find your mug offensive. I would find a mug that said "female tears" equally offensive. —Anonymous


*adds more tears to mug*

day 105
☆ drawings ☆

my youngest niece drew these pictures of jason, me and her holding archer. she is so sweet and i love her and miss her so much!

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I am so in love with this dress but I’m scared all my fat will fall out the back.

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Re-gram from the incredible @avoart so flattered and honoured that she chose to draw me, her stuff is amazing! http://www.etsy.com/shop/loveteacupkisses 😍😍😍

This is so cute!! I want someone to draw a nice picture of me!!!

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I wish I had real life fat girl friends


Ones I could go shopping with, who’d actually understand the struggle of getting nice clothes that don’t cost a fortune!

Who I could go dancing with and not feel like the odd one out as I’m currently at least twice the size of my friends, if not more!

Getting ready in our underwear and swapping clothes! Just having people who understand what it’s like.

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